DSC_8401 Nikolay Danev (CEO)

Living in Sofia, Bulgaria, Nikolay has participated in different start-ups and has worked as risk analyst in different companies, creating and maintaining their risk platforms. Nikolay has over 10 years of experience in the cyber security field and understands very well the importance of new technologies.


DSC_8456 Petar Telbiyski (CTO)

Living in Sofia, Bulgaria, Petar has extensive knowledge in various programing languages and has very good understanding of the cyber underground as well as the needs of the industry of our customers. With high integrity and initiative he leads our automated platform project.


DSC_8427 Viktor Banov (CAO)

Viktor is living in Sofia, Bulgaria and has extensive experience in the field of cyber underground intelligence. He knows exactly how to approach hackers, in order to gather as much data as possible and give them none in return. Viktor is responsible and organizes all our underground investigations.