BitCrime is an elite Eastern European cyber security lab, located in Sofia (Bulgaria), that collects and analyzes big data from the cyber underground and open sources, thus allowing for cross checking. Our data collection uses unique proprietary techniques, many automated, which allows us to correlate and produce a clear global image of anything we investigate. Our process is fed into an integrated platform, where trends are easily identified, thus providing data for both reactive and preemptive security models.

BitCrime is a start-up and as such we are looking for partners to participate in our lab environment, share resources and intelligence, combine intellectual capital, and work together on joint investigations or any relevant security issue. Our team is multi-cultural, speaks a variety of languages, and has grown up behind a keyboard. That said, we understand the infiltrated underground, can properly interpret not only data and intelligence, but also the motivations behind an attack.

If you are interested in knowing more about our company, our new product “PitchFork” or services, please fill out our “contact us” form.

Team BitCrime